long day

I almost don’t notice the softening sky,
moist gray clouds,
warm enough to melt a little.

A recent, new acquaintance tells me quickly, almost off-hand, that his cancer, which had been at bay for 20 years after taking his spleen and gall bladder, has now found a breach in his defenses – his lungs – and the prognosis is not good.

brotherly love
I call my older brother, M. We have lost the easy familiarity we had growing up. Maybe there wasn’t as much of that as I remember, or maybe it was quickly left behind as he went away to high school, college, work… and a few years later, I did, too.

But still I feel comfort, reassurance, kindness, affection when we talk – and I hope he does, too. The path may be a little overgrown, but it’s still there, and it feels good to walk a little way along it together.