shift in the wind

A shift in the wind. Up to 30 degrees, but by the time the sun comes, the clouds have come, too,
giving the light a diluted, dishwater cast.

We hear a talk by Tammy Quist of The Wildcat Sanctuary. She has courage to stand up for what is right. In the face of indifference and cruelty (directed at others) and hostility (directed at her), she responds with sadness, perhaps anger, and (most importantly) action, but no hostility. She looks for common ground – and finds it – where others see only differences. She answers questions thoughtfully, passionate for her animals, but never (at least not unproductively) confrontational. She subjugates any ego she has to the mission she has chosen for herself.

I’m a fan.

She’s inspiring in the best way – in a way that makes you think *you* could do it, too. I am still hoping to find courage like hers in myself.