long meetings

My 98-year-old grandmother-in-law had surgery, was in the hospital for
a while, moved to the nursing home to recuperate for a while, and now
everyone is asking, “What’s next?”
The question has hung in the air for weeks, unanswered. Half answers and
uncertainty, worry and concern lurk behind every conversation.

We look for The Right Answer, but there isn’t one. Every answer
carries risks – worries – that we don’t know how to handle.
Every answer confronts us with our own fears, exposes our fears
to others… and the family pulls together.

We give each other whatever we need: Reassurance. Carrying boxes. A hug.
Calling doctors. A sympathetic ear. Paperwork. Love.

She wants to go home, to her own apartment, to sleep in her own bed.
She seems stronger and braver than any of us – a true matriarch.
And she will go home, with help – probably more than she needs,
but enough to keep the worst of our worries at bay.