in motion, at rest

It’s not quite as cold, but the Mississippi River is still thick and black – not frozen, but not moving, either. I, on the other hand, am moving too fast. The day is lost in a blur, driving from one place to another through a landscape of snowy swells, salt-encrusted pavement and steaming buildings.

In between, I see…

  • families at their best: kind, considerate, helpful, happy together – watching and performing in a children’s Christmas pageant; and
  • young men at their best: devoted, energetic, inspired – Catholic seminarians at the beginning of theirlifelong dedication, joining our little group of Gregorian Chant at vespers.

On the way home, near dusk, there is a fault line – a break – in the clouds; stars peak through their cobweb remains; snow creaks underfoot. Home, and stillness, and finally, sleep.