wild green eyes

bachelor's button

Because I know it’s going to be over 90 degrees today, and I know I have to mow the lawn, I start mowing at 6am… a side benefit of a purely human-powered mower: it doesn’t disturb the neighbors. As a result, I’m finished with all of my yard work by 8am, just as the yard begins to brace itself under the weight of the sun.

After I’m done I graze on Swiss chard from the garden, a raspberry here, a blueberry there. I like an edible yard.

Later I have some time to just enjoy the yard, from the shade, moving slowly, not sweating, and Bijou comes out from his hiding place to follow me. The Bachelor’s Buttons are reaching their peak now, delicate blue-bladed blossoms that still look cool, even in direct sun.

I lie down in the grass and look into Bijou’s wild green eyes. They remind me of the “green fire” Aldo Leopold saw in the eyes of a dying wolf, or the eyes of a bobcat, or even a mountain lion. And I know, as deep as I can go, that size doesn’t matter – not in cats, nor in a patch of ground. The seeds of great wilderness still lie at the root of it all.

Bijou's wild green eyes