May Day

fern fronds

Our first daffodil of the season is in bloom. The rest are sprouted and budding, but not quite ready yet. Our warm April caught all the plants by surprise and got their juices flowing, but last week’s cooler temperatures put everything on hold. Now today, the first day of May, we have snow showers mixed with quick glimpses of glaring sunshine.

Even in the middle of this chill I can’t resist planting something. I put peas in the vegetable garden, and a native white water lily (Nymphaea tuberosa) in the pond. The water lily is a test – to see if the ducks and geese won’t eat it to death – before I commit to any more plants in the pond.

Elsewhere in the garden…

  • ferns: fiddleheads uncurling like seahorses’ tails
  • rhubarb: pinkish eggs split open to reveal a golden-reddish-greenish leaf un-crumpling
  • “creeping charlie”: bright lavender jewels sparkle in a bed of dark, fleshy leaves
  • saskatoon serviceberry: silver leaves enfolded in prayer under a spray of white-bud chalices that catch the dew