life & death

Death is in the air: the heartbreak of being asked for support – to save a life – and being unable to help.

Our simple suburban backyard is cold and lonely, wild and cruel. I sit alone in the dark, in tall grasses looking back at our house, whispering solace to a baby rabbit, eyes not yet open, homeless, motherless. I’m warm to a rabbit, but not warm enough, and ultimately useless without any food.

Deer come closer in the dim light, chuffing uneasily, sensing my presence. I see their shadows move over the crest of the hill. The moon rises slowly through the trees.

At some point we will all be helpless. Someone we love will die, and there will be nothing we can do to stop it. What’s the use of all we learn if we cannot save a life – if we cannot even try. Next time I will know better.