first plants

My first plants are in the ground. A serviceberry tree (Amelanchier x grandiflora) and a wormwood (Artemisia schmidtiana “silver mound”). The serviceberry planting was two years in the making: picking just the right location, the right tree, lightening up the heavy clay soil, and now, with delicate white blossoms already open, placing it in the ground.

The wormwood was just the opposite: an impulse purchase this week when I was buying composted manure and peat moss. I liked the foliage, and we had an empty hot, dry spot where some hostas used to be (I moved them last fall to a shadier location).

I think it’s a good mix, to balance long-term garden planning with momentary lapses in discipline :-). You need to have a long-term focus, especially for bigger, longer-lived plants like trees and shrubs. They don’t take well to transplanting, and soon enough they’re too big to transplant anyway, so it’s important to be sure about what you’re planting and where. But for the rest, the instant gratification of a green, leafy plant in the ground early in spring is all that matters. I only hope it’s tough enough to take the frost that’s bound to come before we’re done with spring.