3:58:31 PM

Our pond is full of ‘wrigglers’ – mosquito larvae. They seem
impossibly inefficient swimmers as they twitch their way up to the
surface and then drop back down to the bottom, over and over again.

I’m not quite sure about it, but I bought some BTi (Bacillus
Thuringiensis israelensis
) tablets to kill them… a thin
film spreads over our pond, and the wrigglers stop as soon as it
touches them. The pond is suddenly less lively, and I regret killing
them… I’m sorry.

On the way back in, in the tree over our deck we see a bright
flash of yellow, but not a goldfinch. It stayed only a moment,
then was up over the roof and gone. I think it was a yellow-rumped
, but I’ll never be sure unless he comes back again.