4:12:42 PM

Felco #2 Hand Pruner

Today is my birthday.
My presents are a
Felco #2 hand pruner
and a
solar-powered pond fountain. The pruners, smoother and sharper than any I’ve ever had, make
a satisfying ‘click’ as they cut, while the fountain
‘plishes’ in the background.

After yesterday, I’m getting outside into the vegetable garden. The
beautiful black dirt, thanks to last year’s double-digging, feels good
in my fingers – warm and crusty like a good French bread.

I plant seeds for peas, swiss chard, beets and spinach, and transplant tiny
leeks into a trench. Actually, both peas and leeks are going into trenches,
following the guidance of a
25-year-old copy of
Crockett’s Victory Garden (thanks to a loan from my next-door neighbor).

For the peas, it keeps the roots deep and cool when the summer sun
bakes the soil – so they produce longer. For the leeks,
we fill in the trench as they grow to make the tasty white part of
the root as long as possible.