7:47:38 AM

The morning sky is a mirror image of last night,
glowing blue and gold and white.

Our first daffodils (4 of them) are blooming. The neighbor’s apricot
tree is in bloom, and there are frogs singing in our pond.

We’re supposed to get rain,
like a baptism, a new beginning…

4:01:58 PM

… but all we get
is heat, wind and high humidity – highs in the upper 80s.
Something feels wrong – it’s too hot too soon. Something bad is
going to happen…

6:17:11 PM

The sky looks ominous – bulbous clouds hanging over us, heavy with rain.
High winds tear at tiny leaves. Tornado sirens blare under
a sudden greenish-black light…

7:07:21 PM

And finally rain, streaming down buckets-full to drink from the sky…

7:18:41 PM

and now softer, milder…

7:44:40 PM

followed by another wave washing over us.