8:21:22 PM

Today was the first day of my rock-raising exercise. Last year
I dug out all around a granite boulder I found under the lawn,
and now I want to lift it level with the ground around it.

At roughly 175 pounds per cubic foot, my 2 foot x 2 foot x 3 foot
granite boulder weighs about 2100 pounds, and I don’t want to use
any heavy construction equipment – it’s between our vegetable garden
and our pond, so there wouldn’t be much room to maneuver, anyway.
So I’m left with nothing more than an old car jack and a shovel,
and a little human ingenuity.

I raise the rock a couple of inches, wedge dirt underneath it, then
raise it some more. After a couple of hours of work I couldn’t tell
if it was any higher. I had to get Jenny to look it at it, and she
(kindly) told me it was.