1:16:53 PM

I mow the lawn today – our little box of wheatgrass, with a pair
of scissors.

I trim the old stems of our black raspberry patch, too (I forgot
them when I did the rest of the raspberries a couple of days ago),
and I notice that something’s been eating young raspberry shoots, and
stripping bark off of a few older stems. I’m guessing rabbits

In the middle of the rapsberries stands a young chokecherry tree
almost eight feet tall. It sprang from a seed of our older tree,
and I let it grow because the old one has a stubborn (though mild)
case of black knot fungus, and I want to be sure to have another tree
in case the old one succumbs.

photo: grow closet: tomatoes and more
photo: pussywillow
photo: elderberry flower bud

Inside, our tomatoes and friends grow warm and sheltered under lights.
Outside, it still looks bleak. Pussywillows and elderberries(?) show
signs of life, but you have to get really close to the ground to see
any green leaves of spring.

photo: columbine
photo: lettuce sprout