7:21:15 PM

An inch or two of snow overnight, then enough sun all day to melt
it all and then some. Pockets of green have begun to show… weeds,
mostly, but still I appreciate them.

9:18:09 PM

Driving on the interstate through miles of malls, shopping centers
and office parks got me thinking. The antithesis of life is not
death, but lifelessness. Death, like life, is absolute, black and
white, full of passion and emotion. Death is intimate, personal,
direct. It is not an enemy of life – in fact, in all non-human
contexts (and most human ones, too), death supports new life.

What is the enemy of life is lifelessness
abstract, ambiguous and detached. Looking around me as I drive,
at the dusty asphalt, the electric signs, the gray buildings, it seems
to be all we create.