4:03:56 PM

As promised to Jenny last fall, today I constructed our very first
“grow tower”™ – shelving with fluorescent lights to
sprout our tender seeds before the frozen ground is ready for them.

I was going to make it out of coated wire-rack shelving, but I
found a nice, sturdy plastic 5-shelf unit that saved me a lot of
drilling and screwing. The only thing I gave up was the ability
to adjust the shelves, but if the seedlings get too tall, they
probably shouldn’t be inside, anyway. I hung a shop light from the
bottom of each shelf (and their height is
adjustable), and plugged them all into a power strip on a timer. If
we need high humidity, we can wrap a shelf in plastic
sheeting. It even looks good!

There are no seedlings there yet, but the amaryllis likes its
new home.