10:36:39 AM

photo: Christmas cactus

Today I dug out an old cassette tape I made over 20 years ago,
complete with needle drops, pops and the hiss of vinyl, but once the
Mozart began, it didn’t matter. I was here, with Jenny and Phoebe,
but I was also there, in high school, learning Mozart’s clarinet
concerto on one side, and appreciating his Divertimento No. 2 in
D Major and “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” on the other.

Jenny and Phoebe led me to find it, because Phoebe’s spirit is
in almost every Mozart flute solo, and almost everywhere in his Eine
Kleine Nachtmusik. She scampered around while we listened.
No matter how sad Mozart’s music can get, there is always an
undercurrent of playfulness, of humor – of joy.

Which got me thinking… if Phoebe is a Mozart flute, then
what are our other cats? Sid, her big brother, is a Lester Young
saxophone. Teddy is harder to place, maybe Debussy, maybe a violin,
maybe a French horn, a bassoon or a trombone. She’s a curious mixture
of sensuality, playfulness and sheer feline skill. Rafe is Brahms,
a viola, complicated and wise, almost but not quite sad.