6:31:44 AM

Have you ever been on a night hike? Without a light? It’s easy now,
when the moon is almost full and the ground white with snow, but
even in the hot shadows of a summer night you can see more than
you imagine with your lights off.

A flashlight limits your view. Your vision stops at the edge of the
beam, and the darkness around you grows darker. If you turn off the
light, that darkness rushes in, and that shock is what keeps most
people from ever trying it. They freeze when the light goes out,
or quickly, reflexively flip it back on. But if you wait, your eyes
open wider, and the whole world gradually comes back into view.

It’s a visual form of silence: you won’t hear a thing until you
shut up and listen.

7:52:16 AM

3 degrees – a beautiful, hard sky: a porcelain plate with a dusky
blue-gray center fading to a delicate white-pink at the rim.