4:27:24 PM

Our oldest cat, Rafe (19), has a tumor in his throat. He had nothing
unusual in his blood test, so we assume it’s benign, but it’s been
getting bigger. We brought him in to the vet last week because he
threw up his food and there was blood in it – his tumor was bleeding.
The vet gave him a steriod injection (depomedrol) to try to shrink the
tumor over the next couple of weeks while we consider surgery.

The worst of it for me was yesterday, the day after we brought him to
the vet. Normally, he wakes me up too early with his yowling, but
yesterday he was quiet, and I missed him. He still ate his soft food
and drank his water in the tub, but he didn’t – he couldn’t – speak.

This morning there were a few spots of blood on his bed, but his
sweet, annoying cry is back.