7:32:20 PM

A beautiful day – a gift after last week’s cold: a night above
freezing and a day of 60 degrees. The pond ice melted, but only on
top, leaving an inch of water over an inch of ice.

I took advantage of the weather to double-dig as much as I could
of the rest of the vegetable garden. The first bed I did today I
unearthed a hibernating toad.

It was huddled over so much that at first I didn’t even see its head.
It was bleary-eyed, and obviously wanted to go back to sleep. I
put him back in the ground – I hope deep enough.

The next bed I did, I dug up (and reburied) two more. I had to
stop. The rest of the garden I just single-dug. It’s the price I
(or rather the toads) pay for me doing this so late in the season. I
won’t do it again.

The toads pay for my ignorance – my ignorance of their habits,
their preferred locations, what they do this time of year. That’s
my motivation for learning more about them. How can I help them
when I still harm them needlessly out of ignorance?