photo: dark sky with aspens

I double-dug a bed in our garden (with a generous helping of
composted manure), and it feels (and sounds) just like a loaf of
bread out of the oven. Soft, hollow sounding. It feels alive.

After I was done with that I had to keep digging, so I took another
stab at unearthing my giant rock – and I got to the bottom of it!
But rocking it back and forth to push a little dirt underneath was
too much for me. After a couple of times, my back to the side of
the hole, my feet against the rock, my legs just gave out.

Even with temperatures in the low forties, I was hot and sweaty
(not to mention coated with a fine dust of clay). Coming inside
brought light and heat, a warm smile and the smells of dinner on the
stove – mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy… home. A hot shower
and pajamas at 4 in the afternoon. Bliss.