A cool, heavy, damp morning – a hint of wood smoke in the air.
Coffee smells delicious. The maple next door is so orange on top
the sun seems to rise from it.

photo: pond schematic

I moved more wood chips and rocks, and we finally rolled all 500+
pounds of the pond liner into the pond. Rain tomorrow could start
filling it. I also ordered rocks to cover the liner – 3 1/2 tons
of 1 1/2-inch river rock and 3 tons of 6-12 inch boulders.

Lest you think there’s lots of detailed planning involved in making a
pond, I am posting the schematic I made of our pond – after
I dug the hole. I had to make the measurements to figure out
how much liner and rock fill we needed. I made the simplifying
assumption that it was a straight-sided triangle, so the area is
(18 x 33 ) / 2 = 297 square feet. The maximum depth is 3 1/2 feet.