More mowing, probably the last time for a while, unless we get some rain, and watering the wilting maple tree. I finished digging the second level of the pond, and started on the third. The pile of dirt I’ve heaped up is even big enough that it’s caught the eye of the park construction crew.

In trying to identify a weed new to our garden this year (velvetleaf
), I came across a great site for confirming what weeds you have: The Virginia Tech Weed Identification Guide
. Most of the entries have plenty of photographs – of seedlings, leaves, flowers and fruit – so you can spot your weed no matter what season you’re in. And don’t let the Virginia location fool you – if a weed grows in Virginia, it’s probably tough enough to grow just about anywhere in North America.

It’s best if you already know the name of what you’re looking for, but you can find a lot just by browsing. In just a few minutes, I found giant ragweed
, common purslane
, lambsquarters
, white campion
and bull thistle
, all very
happy in our own, Minnesota backyard.