Today I helped a new friend move boxes of his things to the basement, where I doubt they’ll ever be retrieved again. Over the years, my wife and I have helped many people move, or hold estate, garage and rummage sales, and I don’t know why we weigh ourselves down with so much baggage, or invest so much emotion in it. It’s as if we’re afraid we won’t remember who we are without stuff to remind us, that somehow we’ll be diminished without our things… but actually it’s the other way around. The more things we have, the less we are – the less we can be – because our attention is divided, sapped by everything
we have to keep track of, and care for. They distract us from the much more interesting job of living.

I’m going to make that a new year’s resolution: to have less than I had the year before, but I’m going to start today.  

14:25:07 PM

Just enough rain overnight to dampen the streets – more like a heavy dew it looks like I’ll be watering again this weekend. The good news is that the lawn doesn’t grow very much when it doesn’t rain and digging in clay (for the pond) is a lot easier when the soil is dry.

According to the weather reports today, our average temperatures begin to decline now… by the beginning of September the average highs and lows are in the 70s and 50s, respectively.