Humid, but no rain, so I have to water everywhere and feed the tomatoes. I planted more cilantro, buttercrunch and arugula, and straightened up the vegetable garden so at least the paths were clear. Along the fence I saw so many ripe raspberries that I couldn’t resist picking them. After eating all I could “in the bush,” I still had a good pint for later (with ice cream, and chocolate sauce, and a banana).

In the heat of the last two days I noticed a few leaves drop from our sugar maple, and a yellow tinge at the extremities, so with renewed vigor I finally removed the last of the girdling roots from its trunk – and I watered it. I damaged one good root because it was twisted together with a “bad” one, but otherwise it’s ok – I think. I hope it has time to swell up a little and put out new roots before winter comes.

While I was out there, there was enough rain to get me wet and keep the humidity high, but not enough to drive me in.