photo: raspberry
Unexpected rain, but only a tenth of an inch. The first raspberries are out, ripening first in the shadows, only later in the sun. Forget-me-nots and snapdragons are in bloom, and coreopsis and astilbe and hydrangea, too. The first of the dill has gone to flower, their starburst heads like constellations.

photo: forget-me-not
This is the slow time of summer – for me. The plants are as busy as ever, but they need me less and less. The spring-planted crops are mostly finished, and it’s still too warm to plant for the fall, and everything else, well, everything else just grows – tomatoes get bigger, raspberries ripen and late-blooming flowers begin to show buds.

photo: hydrangea
Sure, I can worry: Some of the tomatoes show signs of early blight. Deer, rabbits and chipmunks catch me just when I think a plant is safe. And weeds… high summer is their time, too.

photo: dill flowers
But I think this is a dangerous time for gardeners, because we want to do too much – water, fertilize, dead-head, whatever. We want to be involved
with our garden, but this is a time when it doesn’t need us. It’s a time to sit back and appreciate – not the fruits of the garden, but the process
, the day to day growth, the business of butterflies and bees.