photo: toad

Mowing again today. This time I bypassed another wounded dragonfly, several inch-long frogs, and more bees at clover blossoms than I care to count.

The frogs look fresh and wet and nimble, enamored of their new life out of water. Toads are a little farther behind, still mating. Their calls have replaced the frogs of spring.

Here’s a small toad I found on our deck and moved back into the garden. He froze for as long as I watched him, staring at me until I was done with my camera. As soon as I left I went back to find him, and he was gone.

Our city is finally getting started on its so-called park "renewal" project
behind our house, fencing off the trees and putting erosion netting in place before they surround it all with asphalt. I’m trying to withold judgment until I see what sort of native plant restoration they do (I’ve volunteered to help), but from what I see now, I’m not optimistic.