Almost all our broccoli was gone, cut off two inches above the ground. The fence was closed, but based on our neighbor’s experience with his beans, I think the culprit was a turtle. I reseeded the bed and resolved to fence within the fence – I do
like my broccoli :-)

14:25:07 PM

Every so often, I get a pair of pants that I like so much that I wear them until they literally fall apart – holes in the knees, usually. This time I just cut them off at the holes, so they’re knee-length cargo pants, frayed and faded, but still with all the pockets. They’re great summer work pants.  

19:12:07 PM

I finished chip-spreading, dug some more of the pond (resolving to make it bigger), and planted all our remaining seedlings: goldenrod (I think), asters, nicotiana, and maybe some liatris. The ones I’m not sure of, their identification tags wore off long ago, so they might just be weeds, though I hope not.