We gave up, mostly, on our onions (theorizing that the soil is too heavy for them to do well), and decided to try leeks instead. Where the onions had about a 10% germination rate, the leeks are at about 90%.

Our sugar snap peas are blooming – pea pods can’t be far behind!

And we ate our first salad entirely from our own greens. Drizzled with raspberry vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil… mmmmmmm.  

14:25:07 PM

I keep hoping for sun… whatever the weather, it seems I’m wishing for what we don’t
have: rain when it’s dry, sun when it’s cloudy, heat when it’s cold, and vice versa. I tell myself that I’m wishing it for our garden’s sake, but that’s a lie.

I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to enjoy the weather as it is. I can’t just let it be. It helps, though, for me to call attention to my lie. It shuts up the part of me that’s telling the lie – for a while, at least.

And in the silence, while I try to think up another lie, I can see the truth: that the weather is always
beautiful… always
perfect… that I still have a lot to learn.