It rained early this morning, but only a tenth of an inch, so I watered again to make sure it would keep raining. The rest of the day it rained, on and off, to over an inch and a half in all.  

14:25:07 PM

Pending. I’ve recently set many things in motion, for the garden (seeds, wood chip delivery), for home (window and garage floor replacement), and even for friends, but very little is happening. Waiting is hard work, mulling over what you’ve done, trying to think if there’s anything else you could do, anything to help things move along. But waiting usually means expecting something to happen over which you have little control, so it can be frustrating, too.

It’s also not necessary. The problem with waiting is in the expecting. It’s a kind of demand on the future, and the future has a way of doing what it wants, no matter what our demands.

So I try to wait without expecting, which turns out to be not waiting, after all. Without expecting, anything might happen, so I turn to preparing myself instead, and my focus returns to the present.