We finally got a little rain, but from the wrong direction, backing in from the East. As a result it came fitfully, begrudging us its moisture, and constantly trying to turn back on itself.  

14:25:07 PM

Jenny, in her work at the local historical society, came across a great photo and story on Seabiscuit ‘s
victory over War Admiral
from the Minneapolis Journal of November 2, 1938. The photo shows Seabiscuit head-on, thundering across the finish line four lengths ahead of his rival and breaking the track record. The story describes the race…

Seabiscuit, the cast-off son of a cheaply held father, today stood unchallenged as America’s greatest race horse…

In War Admiral he faced a "scat" starter, a horse that fairly bullets from a barrier, takes the lead and keeps dust in the eyes of his challengers – usually. But the Admiral had never before stood side by side at the barrier with the Biscuit. And to everybody’s surprise – everybody’s except Jockey George Woolf’s – it was Seabiscuit who broke first, broke like a frightened thing, winging away with a burst of speed that put him in front by a length before the three-sixteenths pole was reached.

He never was behind, though he did not lead all the way. For half a mile – from a point in the back-stretch to the top of the stretch – War Admiral looked him in the eye and ran as close to him as the minute hand to the hour at noon…

I’m not generally a fan of horse racing, but I am a big fan of horses, and by all accounts Seabiscuit was one of the greatest.  

19:12:07 PM

A nursing squirrel, laden with milk, has been supplementing her diet at our bird feeder. I’m looking forward to seeing her young.