It had to happen sooner or later: mosquitoes. A windless, dewless morning above 60 degrees with high humidity brings them out in droves. Luckily, I can retreat to the porch.

Inside, I’m protected, but occasionally bees and wasps and assorted other bugs find their way in (I think our always-open cat door is the main reason, but that’s another story). I don’t mind as much as I used to, though, because a while back I learned an easy way to catch them unharmed and release them outside.

I get an ordinary, clear drinking glass and a piece of paper. I put the glass over the bee, and then gradually slide the paper between the glass and the screen. The bees move toward the lighter, unpapered end of the glass. When the paper covers the glass completely, I take the glass outside. I hold the opening away from me, remove the paper and watch the bee fly away.