But it’s still warm enough now that I’m writing this out on the back porch.

I’ve been watching our cat, Sid, prowl the back yard. He stakes out the neighbor’s tool shed. A crow spooks him, and he flies back to the deck. He ventures into the tall grass, white paws in green, then bounds into the yard. He struts, he prances, he chases flies. And now that he’s done, he sits on the porch, like me, and watches, and listens.

Cardinal, oriole, blackbird and jay feed once more before last light, to stay warm, again, through a short, cold night.  

14:25:07 PM

This morning it was 40 degrees and breezy – a pang of summer’s end before we’ve even started. Tonight we may get frost. I’m glad we’ve waited to put out most of our seedlings – and I hope the nasturtium and nicotiana will be ok.