House wrens are making a home in our bird house again. I hope they stay. The house finch nest in our grape vine has already been abandoned, probably because there was too much squirrel traffic for a peaceful home life. The bird house has a different problem: it attracts too much attention from curious cats. I think I’ll put an annoyance fence around the trunk to keep them (and raccoons) away.

We saw the female oriole for the first time today. We’re still setting out orange halves for them. It’ll soon be time for our hummingbird feeder, too.

We also added a second birdbath to the yard. Eventually it will be surrounded by flower beds, but for the time being a weedy lawn will have to do.  

14:25:07 PM

We spent a busy morning transplanting dill, lettuce and nicotiana seedlings. There were some old herb roots – sage, mostly – that didn’t look like they would be coming back this year, but I couldn’t quite part with them, so I transplanted them, too, to a sunnier spot by the vegetable garden.

Then I spent another hour picking dandelions. The end result will probably be bigger, healthier dandelions, now that they’ve been thinned. :-)