photo: ladybug
Later, I was trying to take pictures of our daffodils, but it was too windy – the blooms just wouldn’t stop bobbing long enough for me to focus. This ladybug was climbing a daffodil leaf just next to the flower I was trying to photograph.

Of course, he wouldn’t stay still, either. He’d climb up and down, and just when I got him in focus he would walk around to the other side of the leaf. It took almost ten minutes of lying in the cool, wet grass, trying not to crush the other daffodils, but I got him.

This picture and an earlier one
have motivated me to try to create some greeting cards with my photographs. They would be either “tent fold” or “book fold,” depending on the orientation of the picture, with a photo on the front, nothing in the middle, and a brief note about the photo on the back. I’d like them to look and feel as good as a commercial card – nice satin-gloss card stock on the outside, and nice and absorbent on the inside.

If you know of a good low-volume printer who could print these for me, let me know. If you might be interested in buying some, I’d love to hear that, too :-)

14:25:07 PM

photos: spring weeds, fern, vinca major
Our weeds are coming up strong. The dandelion above is growing beautifully out of the packed clay at the stairs to our deck. The creeping charlie is everywhere, but in the shade where I’ve stopped mowing it’s positively lush. From this angle, the blooms look like little blue angels to me. And then there’s this giant starburst of a thistle. Their tap roots are just as impressive. The only part of my
garden that’s started is under the hawthorns, where ferns unfurl and periwinkle twinkles among the leaf litter. I planted the wild geraniums, and spread some spearmint seeds in yet another new bed.