We broke in our new gas grill with baked potatoes and Jenny’s bean patties. They’re filling, easy to make, and really tasty. They’re also much, much better than any frozen vegetarian patties you could get at the supermarket.

Jenny’s version is based on the “chili burger” recipe we found in Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites
. You can make it as elaborate as you want, but here are the essentials (this make about 6 four-inch patties):

3 cups cooked beans (1 cup dried)
1 1/2 cups quick or rolled oats

Mash the cooked beans with a potato masher. Stir in whatever chopped vegetables and spices you like – garlic and onion, grated carrots, ginger, soy sauce, tomato paste, parsley, pepper, oregano, chilis. When it tastes just right, add the oats and mix it all together.

Form the mixture into patties with your hands, and pop them into a non-stick pan (or onto the grill) with a little oil. Cook until they’re heated through and a little crispy on the outside, about 5 minutes a side. Or you can wrap them individually and freeze them for later.  

14:25:07 PM

I also sanded and primed our front lamp post. It’s supposed to be black, but time had faded it to a dingy gray, and bare metal on top. Now the whole thing is a ghostly white. Tomorrow I’ll paint the final coat of black.  

19:12:07 PM

Today I watched the sun and the shadows of the trees sweep across the yard. In a way, I was watching the clock, but with a purpose: I was looking for just the right place for a couple of shady wild geraniums, and I think I found it.