On the house, I took apart the screen door latch. The spring which pushes the latch back into the slot in the door frame was broken, so I put in a new spring (59 cents) I got yesterday at the hardware store. I felt very handy, and frugal, and it was nice to keep the old, weathered brass hardware on the door, too.  

14:25:07 PM

Still waiting for rain. We got a taste late this afternoon, just enough to perfume the air.

Back in the garden, I planted spinach and onions and beets, and watered the peas I planted a couple of days ago. I’m anxious to see some sprouts.

In the yard, I pruned the hawthorns – one is so filled with crossed branches and false tops that it’s almost a lost cause, but the other one just needed a snip or two. The branches I took created quite a thicket – another job for the chipper/shredder, if I ever get that spark plug.

I also did a little thinning of our yews – cutting a few branches more deeply to let some light into the interior. It keeps them bushier, and more resilient if something should happen to their outermost leaves.