Crisp, bright and clear – a good day for getting outside. I planted some lamium maculatum ‘white nancy’ plants around the base of one of our trees (again, less grass to mow!), because we liked it so much at our old house. I also started nasturtium seeds up against our chimney, where nothing else seems to grow but dandelions and creeping charlie (Glechoma hederacea

In the vegetable garden I planted a half row of sugar snap peas. When we were members of a CSA farm
(why not find one
near you?), I remember picking (and eating) some delicious sugar snap peas right off the vine. I hope ours will be as good.

I also tried to fire up our chipper/shredder, but then needed to change the oil (done) and replace the spark plug (pending, because I didn’t have the right wrench, or a new spark plug). That’s the thing about tools – the more elaborate they get, the more time and money you spend taking care of them instead of doing what you want to do – gardening!

I’d much prefer waiting for the leaves to decompose on their own, or starting another brush pile, but, well… now that I think about it, my excuses for not
just waiting are pretty lame (it’s not neat, we don’t have the space, and so on). Maybe I will
just wait, but I’ll call it sheet mulching
, instead :-)