We had an excellent dinner with our neighbors last night… I can hardly believe our luck. And then today another couple came by to see what I was doing to our tree. They had just returned from visiting their daughter, volunteering with Operation Smile
in Peru. Cool. I think we’ll stay here awhile. :-)

14:25:07 PM

Saturated. Vapors rise from my skin. Nothing evaporates. Everything condenses, chilled and dripping.

I dug out the roots of our sugar maple and found two large girdling roots and a handful of smaller ones – it was probably planted too deep. The hole when I was finished was probably five feet across and a foot deep, hard work with a small plastic trowel, but necessary to avoid cutting the wrong roots or needlessly slicing a worm. I carted off the dirt to another flower bed, and back-filled it with maple leaves (courtesy of another generous neighbor).