photo: bat
We saw our first resident bat today (probably a Myotis lucifugus
, or little brown bat). I think it might have been too warm for him in our bat house – 90 degrees, and no shade yet from the grape vine – so he moved out onto the screen for the day. At dusk, I sat out on the deck and watched him through binoculars.

He was so motionless I couldn’t even see him breathe, but after a half hour, he turned his head. At about 5 minutes to 8, he yawned – a flash of pink and bright white teeth buried in shadowy fur. He stretched his right shoulder. Another yawn, a sniff of the air, and his ears began to turn – getting his bearings.

I had to remind myself to breathe. He preened his wings, and checked them over. He let go his back right foot for a scratch behind his ear. Finally, he stretched both wings and dropped into a glide, a flap, a swoop, and without a noise he was gone.

While I waited, I saw my first dragonfly of the year. I also got my first mosquito bite, so I know there’s food enough for dragonfly and bat. If I made some bat’s mosquito a bit more nutritious, I’m happy to have done it.