photo: amaryllis bloom
A cat of ours (who remains anonymous, though I have my suspicions) brought our amaryllis very close to death by knocking it off its shelf, but with a little bandaging and a splint, it seems to be holding up just fine. The blooms are just starting to open.  

14:25:07 PM

It’s also my car’s seventh birthday. In seven years, it’s gone 31,651 miles. I’m still trying to reduce my driving, I hope someday to the point where it would be just as easy to walk. To be completely honest, the mileage is so low because a lot of the time I’m working out of town, and putting miles on a rental car, so I’m not as good as I’d like to be, but then again I never am :-)
. I gave it a wash and wax to celebrate.  

19:12:07 PM

I prepared an outside bed for the dill: a wheelbarrow of compost and a few wheelbarrows of mulch (old leaves and grass clippings) to a spot by the deck. This summer it’ll be just within reach of the grill for a quick snip or two.  

12:45:12 PM

It’s too warm, too dry, too soon. There’s no green yet to soften the sun’s blow. And it’s windy – a dry, hot, dusty scirocco. It makes me irritable.