An inch of new snow on the ground. I quickly shovelled the driveway to give the moisture to our yard instead of to the storm drains. The sun was bright until noon, and then it clouded over so it never got warm. There was more sun late in the day, and a pale, washed-out wintery sunset.

In the morning, while it was still sunny, Jenny and I went for a walk in the park where we went sledding
. Instead of ice and snow, a varied flock of birds (geese, ducks, coots and gulls) bobbed on a placid lake. The gulls shrieked like children in a playground.

Later, in a meadow, we saw a bird we couldn’t identify. I thought it might have been an immature robin, based on its size and shape, but after seeing pictures of the robin, I know I was wrong. The closest thing I can find to it in our little book
is the kingbird

We spent the rest of the day on our indoor gardens, planting seeds for dill, lavender, new england aster, butterfly flower and nicotiana. We also painted the pots we planted them in with acrylic paints – a low-key way to be artistic that feels almost as good as fingerpainting.