photo by Rob Hecker: Cataract Falls
Cataract Trail

(Marin County, CA) First the rush of wind in leaves to the lake. Then redwoods, then pines hush the wind to a whisper. In between, around a bend, the sound of falling water.

Louder, trees on high both sides laugh green glittering white. Yellow leaves flutter through sunbeams into bliss – a still pool at the bottom of a fall. Locks of fair-haired lichens lead onward.

And upward into chamber after green chamber like chapels lit from above. In the middle of it all, white water clear water flows mid deep, moist moss.

At the top, the trail levels off and opens into a meadow – a fire break, actually – but it was dotted with wildflowers, and perfect for a snack on my back under a cloudless blue sky. A lone vulture skimmed the forest at the edge of our sight.