A rumpled-looking possum came foraging under our feeders at lunch time – I wish we’d had better pickings for him.

The warmer weather put me in the mood for spring, and it made it easy to get a lot of chores done. I put out our cold frames
so they couhld start to melt the snow; I rinsed salt grime off my car, and touched up a couple of nicks in the paint; we vacuumed the house (with a nice new vacuum
); and we ordered a new grill.

I also used a string trimmer like a hand blender to shred some of the straw
we picked up in January. Jenny’s going to use it to make some sort of concoction for growing mushrooms.

But by nightfall I knew that spring was still a long way off – the sunset’s cool pastels, a deep chill the instant we passed into shadow. Winter still holds us fast.