photo: spruces in snow
Making coffee

I don’t drink coffee, but Jenny does.
Here’s how I make it for her:

Put on to boil a small saucepan
filled to an inch of the brim with water.
In the grinder, add a scoop-and-a-half
of glistening, dark-roasted beans.

Grind one-two-three for five shakes.
Release and let it settle, then
grind for five shakes more.

Pour the grounds into the press
with three whaps of your palm
to get all the powder.

When the water boils up
from its bubbled bottom,
pour it hissing into the grounds
up to the bottom
of the second line of lettering.

(What’s left of the water
goes into a cold cup
to make it warm.)

Before its essence escapes
push down the plunger,
but only so far as to
float in the foam.

And wait.

A minute is all that’s necessary
but three or four makes it best.

Empty the cup.

Make a final push to the bottom
and a quick pour to capture the foam
on top.

Sometimes, if she’s tired, I bring it up to her in bed.