Over lunch I went to the library in a hurry. In front of me, an elderly woman was having trouble with the self-service check-out machine. I was getting exasperated by her slowness, by my perceived lack of time, but I caught myself. I took a breath. I helped her instead, and found I wasn’t in a hurry any more. The rest of my day moved comfortably by.  

14:25:07 PM

coldframe plans
-16°C (3.2°F) A beautiful sunny morning. Nothing like a little snow to brighten flagging winter spirits, eh?

On Sunday I finished the first of two cold frames I intend to build. I’ve been meaning to build them for a long time, but, well, I just never got around to it. I found the pattern at Garden Gate
, perfect for my less-than-perfect carpentry skills: easy to build with just a saw, and it fits together even if the measurements are off a little. As an added bonus, it stores flat for the winter.

Jenny and I picked up the plywood a couple of weeks ago (a great deal – scrap for 50 cents a 4′ x 4′ sheet). She painted one side white and the other side gray – to reflect more light on the inside, and protect from the elements on the outside. Then I did the measuring and cutting, dreaming of fresh spring greens in the snow.

During our long spring thaw, when the sun is high, but the soil has yet to warm, I hope our cold frames will make my dreams come true.