(Reno, NV) I stepped outside just in time to see the moonset. It only broke through the clouds for a moment, almost full, and I got a breath of eternity.

"We have all had to adapt to a change of pace," Phillippe said. "While we’re thinking in terms of deadlines, they have eternity in front of them, so nothing is ever late." (from Wired )

Originally, I thought I was going to write about how time is one exception to my usual rule of trying to focus on details. With time it pays to focus (if that’s the right word) instead on the big picture, the eternal. But thinking about it a bit more – about how to do that, exactly – I decided the best way to get there is in the details – the present moment. If you can truly focus on nothing but the present, with no worry for the future or regret for the past, you will have found the eternal.