photo: not-chickadee - imagine the bird that is almost there :-)
Trying to take pictures today I developed more of an appreciation for the human eye. For all its electronic sophistication (in my hands, at least), the digital camera is crude and inflexible compared to my own eyes.

My eyes adjust automatically to bright light and dim. They don’t fog up when I step outside. They don’t blur when I move. They don’t get smudged with dust or fingerprints. They don’t need batteries.

I could go on and on, but the most important thing is that they are a part of me. Not just physically – moving, turning with me, but intrinsically
. They see what I’m interested in. They are linked inextricably to my other senses, to my feelings, to my imagination; to my consciousness, to my unconscious.

No matter how good a photograph is, it must always be once removed.