Christmas cactus photo
Our Christmas cacti came early this year, one intense pink and two blooming red. Although I really like their arching branches and jutting flowers, all I really caught in this picture was their color.

With all the controls of a new digital camera at my disposal, I realize more than ever how much a photograph is not
a mechanical reflection of reality. It’s much more personal. The camera lets us bend and shape and light and color the result like any other creative tool – a brush, a pen, a keyboard – an extension of ourselves. And like any other tool, the better we know it, the more it disappears, revealing the person behind it.

Sid's face photo
I’m nowhere near that yet. I’m surprised by all the control I have, but I’m even more surprised by what comes out – especially by the details. Even at 2 megapixels I see things in my pictures I would never have noticed before (especially since I started wearing glasses). I feel a wonderful intimacy in inspecting each hair of Sid’s face, the reflection in his eye, the curve of his lip – to be able to look at him closely for as long as I like – for longer than he’d let me in person. It’s still not the same as being there with him, but it helps.