I was weary from travel, but renewing my affection for the window seat…

The sky was blue and sunny for most of the way, but the ground was hard and brown, cracked like an old hide. Over a desert the sky reinforces the emptiness of the landscape, a deep, three-dimensional blue backed by the black vacuum of space.

It was a relief to see a blush of green below, a single puff of cloud. Finally, in the last half hour of our flight, clouds bubbled up into a dirty foam, popping up like mushrooms. Grey fibers filled in the gaps, then fluffed into a soft overcast comforter. As we dove into the covers, high white piles floated along the northern edge like icebergs.

An even white light shone all around us, dimming, dimming, dimming to an even gray light over an even green earth – a beautiful, precious, welcome green – a dream of water.