At two o’clock, a gleaming rampart of hazy thunderheads stood off to the west – not threatening, not imposing, not forbidding, but inspiring, like alabaster cities
, like Camelot. But I was wrong. By 3:30p they swept over us in a windless downpour. By 4:30 it was over. Leaves rain-washed, dripping, heavy with water as I snipped some basil for supper.  

21:31:58 PM

It’s hard to believe on a day like today (headed for 90 degrees), but our average first frost date is only ten days away (September 15) (you can check your own here

10:37:14 AM

Altocumulus spread like fish scales over the sky last night, giving the morning sun a metallic sheen. But now the fish are diving deeper into the blue sky, leaving only bubbles in their wake.